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Implants are made from biocompatible materials that are placed in your jaw bone below your gum line to restore your mouth to function and aesthetics. We have the best Maxillofacial surgeons who sink implants.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

We focus on improvement of dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size alignment and the overall appearance of your face and smile.

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Restorative dentistry

We focus on repairing broken, decayed or missing teeth. Procedures include composite fillings, GIC fillings, crowns, bridges, endodontics/root canal treatments and much more.

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Preventive dentistry

Our range of preventive dental services are aimed at maintaining oral hygiene and preventing occurrence of tooth cavities, gum diseases and tooth wear.

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Giving you the well aligned smile of your dreams. If you don't like the way your teeth are set up, with braces and aligners we can revolutionalise your face and smile. Orthodontic treatments are offered to teenagers, adolescence and adults.

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At Luxe Dental, we have a way of making dental appointments feel like visiting a friend. With thorough explanations of procedures and listening to each patient’s specific needs, We approach patients with a warm personality and an easy going demeanor. Every question is answered and every concern is heard because at Luxe Dental, you’re valued and respected.


We know that our patients have busy schedules, and dental emergencies don’t always happen during business hours. That’s why at Luxe Dental, we have flexible hours throughout the week and offer Saturday appointments. We’re invested in providing quality dental care for you and your family, and are commitment to serving the community.

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At Luxe Dental, we offer a full range of services and meet you wherever you are in your oral health journey. Whether it’s your child’s first dental appointment or you’re coming in for full dentures, we’ll provide every comfort to ensure that your visit is a positive experience.


I just debonded my braces after 18 months and I love the results. I am smiling confidently and ready to smash my goals.

Titi Medunoye

Titi Medunoye

I like your service, the service delivery is great and I felt at home even though I had an implant surgery. I didn't feel any discomfort.

King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall

King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall

I loved the service and professionalism. I am definitely coming back and would definitely recommend to others.



I got incredibly good deals on braces and Laser whitening. I highly recommend Luxe Dental

Adunni Ade

Adunni Ade

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