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Orthodontics For Adults

Orthodontics For Adults

Orthodontics for Adults is a specialized area of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of conditions affecting the alignment of the teeth and jaw. Orthodontics is not just for children. If your teeth overlap, if they are misaligned, appropriate care can help.

Why Adults Consult Us Orthodontic Treatment

There is no age limit for seeking orthodontic treatment. Whether it be orthodontics for overbite or if you have overlapping, misaligned, or overly advanced teeth, you should consult with our dental clinic in Ikeja.

The indications for orthodontics in adults are identical to those in treatment. The peculiarities lie more in the origin of the problem than in the cause of the consultation. Thus, the aging of the teeth and the loss of teeth can more often be the cause of the orthodontic problem.

The goal of orthodontics may be aesthetic, but our teeth are essential for chewing. A bad positioning can prevent this essential function, can handicap phonation… In addition, orthodontics makes it possible to prevent future dental problems by positioning the teeth correctly, which facilitates brushing and thus the elimination of dental plaques, caries etc.

In summary, what is functional is usually aesthetic while the reverse is not true. orthodontics in Adults is often necessary but is never essential: you can lose teeth, have overlapping teeth without this constituting a disease in the medical sense of the term… But, for a good quality of life and for social reasons, it is easy to understand the interest of having harmonious teeth.

Sometimes, orthodontic treatment might combine orthodontics in adults with surgery to correct the discrepancies between jaws. Maxillofacial surgery allows the jaws to be placed in front of each other. But, if the structure that supports the teeth is not healthy, we will proceed to a preliminary periodontal treatment before undertaking orthodontics.

Having Braces as an Adult:

Indications, Models And When To Wear Them

More and more adults are using braces: it is estimated that between 6 and 7% of adults would start an orthodontist treatment.

When the teeth are misaligned, they overlap or lack space; only a device can rectify the situation. In the lightest case, a dentist is qualified to treat the problem but when the intervention is complex, they will refer the patient to an orthodontist.

What Type Of Braces Are Best For Adults?

There are different types of braces for adults and children. To further understand which one may suit you, check out this list of braces options for adults:

Lingual Orthodontics

Thanks to lingual orthodontics, nobody would even be able to distinguish your braces! For those seeking how straightening teeth without braces is achieved, this is a great option for you. The only problem: this “invisible” orthodontic treatment is more expensive than conventional equipment. The treatment is also longer with this type of device.

Ceramic Rings

The bands placed on the teeth can be made of transparent ceramic, and they do not turn yellow. Only some wires are still metal, but the whole has become almost invisible. Be careful though, these rings are often fragile, so it is imperative to be careful.

Metal Rings

These traditional rings are not very popular among adults because they are not very aesthetic. And yet, this model remains one of the most effective but also the least expensive. In addition, treatment is generally faster with this type of dental device.

Invisible Braces

This device looks like a transparent shell that covers the teeth. Removable appliance, it is suitable for conscientious people because it must be worn as much as possible to correct their teething problem. Another good news, it is 90% effective if the person is rigorous and wears it very often. Its price is comparable to other dental appliances. Be careful, it cannot correct all teething problems, discuss it with your orthodontist.

types of braces.jpg

Do Braces Take Longer For Adults?

Braces may take longer to deliver the expected results in adults. However, age has little involvement in this matter. The duration of the treatment will depend on the problem to be corrected. This can range from 6 months to two years. Then, it is necessary to consolidate the result with a restraint thread or a gutter.

Side Effects Of Braces:

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the problem to be corrected. For a small problem, it can last 6 months, but in general it lasts at least 2 years and the adaptation is sometimes long:

  • The tongue may be injured by continuous contact with the device;
  • Speech and eating may also be disturbed.

Is It Painful?

Initially, a period of adaptation is necessary to get used to your braces. Some pain may appear at first; these are quickly relieved by taking analgesics.

Living With Braces
  • On the dental hygiene side: You will have to redouble our efforts to maintain impeccable oral hygiene. Brushing teeth after each meal is recommended as well as the use of dental floss;
  • On the food side: here too you have to adapt because certain foods can damage your device. This is the case with nuts, bread, apples, etc. It is advisable to reduce your consumption of products that are too sweet to avoid white spots when you remove your braces.

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