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Braces: Types and why you should probably get them

Braces: Types and why you should probably get them

Your teeth arrangement and positioning strongly affects your level of confidence and self-esteem. Crowded teeth, large spaces, crooked and overlapping teeth can affect function and aesthetics. Braces and aligners are highly effective in correcting these malocclusions.



Ceramic Braces

The bands placed on the teeth can be made of transparent ceramic, and they do not turn yellow. Only some wires are still metal, but the whole has become almost invisible. Be careful though, these rings are often fragile, so it is imperative to be careful.

Metal Braces

These traditional brackets are not very popular among adults because they are not very aesthetic. And yet, this model remains one of the most effective but also the least expensive. In addition, treatment is generally faster with this type of dental device.


This device looks like a transparent shell that covers the teeth. Removable appliance, it is suitable for conscientious people because it must be worn as much as possible to correct malocclusion. Another good news, it is 90% effective. If the person is rigorous and wears it very often. Its price is comparable to other dental appliances. Be careful, it cannot correct all teething problems, discuss it with your orthodontist.

Lingual orthodontics

Thanks to lingual orthodontics , we can’t even distinguish your braces!. The only problem: this “invisible” orthodontic treatment is more expensive than conventional equipment. The treatment is also longer with this type of device.



An open bite occurs when the top and bottom teeth do not touch at the front or back of the mouth when the jaw is fully shut, leaving a space between them. Open bites are also a form of malocclusion.

In specific to open bites, most people who have open bites have front upper and lower teeth that slant outwards so they don’t touch when the mouth is shut. This results in a gap or opening between the upper and lower jaw, an open bite can not only affect the appearance of someone’s smile but it has been known to cause difficulty with speaking.

An open bite can be complex to treat, but a skilled, licensed orthodontist will be able to correct this condition with a variety of braces and Invisalign treatment types. If you have an open bite, seek a doctor who can help correct it, giving you a healthy smile and a proper bite.


Overjet is also known as protrusion. It is where the lower teeth are too far behind the upper front teeth. This can be caused by an improper alignment of the molars; a skeletal imbalance of the upper and lower jaw; flared upper incisors; missing lower teeth; or a combination of all the above. In addition, oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking or tongue thrusting can exacerbate the condition.

This condition needs to be corrected because it can prevent proper functioning of the teeth, lead to premature wear and make your smile less attractive.


If your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth, you have an overbite and you may want to consider overbite correction. In the field of dentistry, an overbite is determined by how much your teeth overlap or how many of your upper teeth cover your lower teeth.

An overbite is a completely normal occurrence. Nearly everybody has one. But, when your overbite is too small or too large, you may encounter problems. One problem is when your overbite is distinct. This results in what orthodontists call a deep bite. This type of bite may cause problems like pain, excessive wear, and aesthetic issues. If you do have a problematic overbite though, not to worry, overbite correction for adults is not difficult with the help of Braces.


Reverse overjet occurs when the lower jaw is ‘oversized’, or the upper jaw is undersized or a combination of both. This usually results in the front teeth biting the wrong way around. Reverse overjet can cause excessive wear to the surfaces of the incisor teeth and may be potentially damaging to growth and long term function of the jaw joints.

The jaw growth discrepancy often worsens in the late adolescence and definitive treatment for this problem is often deferred until growth has slowed or stopped.


Diastema occurs when there is a gap or space between the teeth. These types of gaps can form anywhere in the mouth, but most commonly appear between the two upper front teeth. Seen in both adults and children, the condition can have negative impacts on confidence as well as on your oral health.

Whereas some gaps may be small and unnoticeable, they can grow larger over time and become a cosmetic issue for many patients.


Teeth crowding or overcrowded teeth occur when your teeth have run out of free space in your mouth. When this happens, teeth press together but not in a mis-aligned way. This may result in some teeth sitting higher than others. It can also result in some teeth being pushed behind or ahead of other teeth.

Over time, overcrowded teeth that have not been treated can lead to the development of gum disease. It can also lead to damage of the joints in the jaws. Correction of crowded teeth now can help you avoid increased costs and risks in the future.

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